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Brand: Apollo
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Country of Manufacturing: Taiwan
Input voltage: 240V
Output Voltage (V): 240V
Frequency: 60Hz
Transfer rate: 2ms
Stabilizer: Built-in
Warranty: 1 Year

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Seller: Jabedur Rahman Shaheen

Avaiable stock: 100 pc

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Authenticity: Branded Product

Counry of origin: Taiwan

Counry of Assemble: Taiwan

Product Certification: ISO

Warrenty: 12 Months

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About the product:

UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply because it keeps your system running when the power goes down. As UPS comes with different design types and different capacity, sometimes it becomes difficult for you to purchase one according to your required need. For this, we are sharing detailed description of Apollo 650VA Offline UPS so that you can consider the issues that need to be taken into account while purchasing one for your system.

Offline UPS is basically a Standby UPS which is used as backup when the main power fails. A Standby unit keeps its battery charged and when the power fails, it mechanically switches to the battery backup. Therefore, these kinds of UPSs are required only during power failures and not all the time.

Things to take into account while purchasing a UPS:

Usage: Before purchasing a UPS you must take some things into consideration. Firstly, you must focus on the usage of the product. Why do you need a UPS in the first place? Do you need it only when the power fails or you need continuous power supply? If your requirement is the first one, you might choose Offline UPS. In that case Apollo 650VA Offline UPS might be a very good choice for you.

Cost: Another thing that you might consider before purchasing a product is the cost. Offline UPS requires less cost among all types of UPSs. It renders reliable service because of fewer parts used and the lesser operating temperature in lowest cost. The more the voltage fluctuations, the more the offline UPS is used. A frequent switch could lead to switching delays or could ultimately reduce its performance. Offline UPS is the cheapest among all types of UPSs.

UPS Capacity: Your UPS has to be large enough to power all the equipment plugged into it. At first, you need to find the UPS capacity, which measures how much power a UPS can provide (in watts). The higher the capacity, the more equipment, and devices it can support. Before finding the UPS capacity, you need to calculate the load, the combined amount of power your devices need. The efficiency of the offline UPS is more than the efficiency of online UPS because the inverter and the rectifier circuit is not ON all the time in offline UPS. If you want to connect little amount of devices you can use Apollo offline UPS 650VA as the capacity of the device is 360W.

UPS Runtime: The Runtime is the number of minutes a UPS can support the attached devices with electricity during a blackout. For Offline UPS runtime becomes an issue as it is used when the power is out. The Run time of Apollo Offline UPS 650VA is 10-15 minutes for 1 monitor or 1 pc. If shutting down your devices with safety is all you care about, then Apollo 650VA Offline UPS will certainly be able to meet your needs.

While purchasing an Offline UPS, things might get really confusing if you do not know the technicalities of a particular product. If you find it difficult to choose the right product for you, you can contact the executives of Orient BD Limited. They are available on both online and offline to help you purchase your required UPS with your required price.

·         No Load auto shutdown

·         Line-interactive design with Boost & Buck AVR -25%+25%

·         RJ11 Jack for internet protection

·         Cold start function

·         High/Low voltage protection

·         Overload/short-circuit protection

·         Communication port for smart UPS monitoring and controlling

·         LED display & Frequency selection automatically


Apollo 650VA UPS










Voltage Range


Frequency Range

60/50Hz (Auto sensing)




AC Voltage Regulation



Simulated Sinewave

Frequency Range

60Hz or 50Hz ±1Hz

Transfer Time

Typical 2~6ms


Battery Type & Quantity

12V/7Ah (1 piece)

Floating Charging Voltage


Charging Ability

4~6 hours recover to 90% capacity

Back up time (Full Load)

10-15 Minutes (1PC & 1 Monitor)

Cable Length (Meter)

1 meter


Full Protection

Overload, discharge, overcharge protection


Dimension (D×W×H)

279 ×101 ×142 mm

Net Weight

4.2 kg





·         No Load auto shutdown

·         Line interactive design with Boost & Buck AVR -25%+25%

·         RJ11 Jack for internet protection

·         Cold start function

·         High/Low voltage protection

·         Overload/short-circuit protection

·         Communication port for smart UPS monitoring and controlling

·         LED display & Frequency selection automatically


                Built in


                 1 year

Country of Origin


Country of Manufacturing


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. When should I purchase Online UPS?

A. In time of voltage fluctuations Online UPS is used. If you also intend to power the UPS from a generator, online UPS is a good choice. Even in voltage distortion, the performance is not hampered at all.

Q. What are the main things I must focus before purchasing a UPS?

A. Before purchasing a UPS you need to focus on 2 things. Firstly, the amount of power you want to draw from the UPS such as the load and any additional capacity you might want for future expansion. Second thing is the battery backup time in time of a power failure. If you have any confusion regarding the load, capacity, backup time or any other query feel free to contact Orient BD Limited. We are 24/7 available to help you out.

Q. How does a UPS System work?

A. A UPS works by being connected between the mains and the load. The internal UPS batteries are charged while the mains is on. When the mains fails, the UPS switches the load over to the batteries, with no noticeable drop in power.

Q. Do you provide installation service for UPS?

A. Yes, we provide installation services for all our products. After the purchase if you want, you can also take our services for installation.

Q. Can you share the applications of offline UPS?

A. Computers, printers, scanners etc. use offline UPS. Main use of Offline UPS is emergency power supply.

Q. Can I use a UPS for 5-6 hours?

A. Normally running a UPS for this long requires so many UPS batteries it becomes unfeasible both financial and physically. It would be best to run a standby generator alongside your UPS to achieve this.
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