Apollo 15000VA Single Phase Online UPS

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Brand: Apollo

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Model: 2B15K-L

Type: Online

Capacity: 15kva

Input nominal voltage: Single Phase, 110Vac~ 290Vac

Output Voltage: 220Vac


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UPS indicates Uninterrupted Power Supply and the purpose behind its name is that without any tension, it supplies a steady power supply. It draws current from the AC networks during regular service and during a utility outage; it provides current from its back-up source. In architecture styles and capacities, UPS vary, so it is difficult to determine which one best meet the needs. We offer a detailed overview of the online Apollo 2B15K-L Online UPS to assist you with this moment of weakness, so that you can focus on it.

But since online UPS is a type of UPS that provides electricity to the AC load in daily operations via the Rectifier and Inverter Combination and uses an inverter to provide AC power during a power outage, the output power supply still remains on and switching is not mandatory. There is also no delay in switching between its origins in time. In the event of an emergency, there is no gap for even a nanosecond.

True on-line dual conversion design

Generator Compatible

All Protections over/low-voltage, overcurrent, overload

Intelligent Battery Management, Extended Battery Life

Intelligent Self diagnose function, all kinds of fault protection

Modularized design of subsystems

Bypass back feed protection, battery leakage protection

Parallel Redundancy design, increase the system reliability

Customizable wide input voltage range

Large size input LCD display on front pane

SNMP for remote monitoring



Rated Power




Nominal Voltage

Single Phase, 110Vac~ 290Vac


50 Hz (60 Hz on request) ± 5%

Power Factor

> 0.98% (full load)




Voltage Regulation

220Vac ± 0.5%

Transient Response

± 3~4% under full load, change and corrected within 2 ms


50 / 60Hz, ± 0.5%


Pure Sinewave THD<3%


Continuous alarming, switch to bypass, auto recovery upon removing of load

Power Factor

0.7 ~ 1 (lagging)

Overload Capacity

·         <110% load Continuous

·         110-125% load 12 Minutes

·         125-150% load 10 Minutes

·         >150% load: by pass

Current Crest Ratio




Maintenance free lead-acid batteries

DC Voltage


Backup time

15-30 minutes depending on load

External Battery

Up to 8 hours long time backup depends on external battery

Supplementary Charger

Optional 200W/500W charger for extended back-up application

Recharge time

5~8 hours

Cold Start

Yes, UPS cab be started without AC source

Battery Cabinet

External Battery Back


Automatic transfer

on overload and UPS failure

Before UPS power on

Default "NO", user adjustable to "YES"

Transfer time

0ms; less than 4 ms from inverter to bypass and vice versa

LED/LCD Indicators


load level/Battery level, Battery, Utility power, Inverter, Bypass, Overload, Fault

Audible alarm

Bypass, ON battery mode, Battery low, Overload, Fault

Acoustic Noise

At 1 meter distance

55 dBA


Intelligent Slot

Options; Webpowet, As400 Card or WinPower CMC


RS232 / SNMP

Software Management

AC fault, low battery, intelligent software for shutdown by remote control


Operating Temperature

0 ~ 40°C (32 - 104°F)

Operating Humidity

30 ~ 90% non-condensing


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Country of Manufacturing


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