Apollo 3P60K 60 KVA 3:3 Phase Industrial Online UPS

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Brand: Apollo

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Model: 3P60K

Type: Online (3:3 Phase)

Capacity: 60 KVA

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Counry of origin: Taiwan

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Product Certification: ISO

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UPS means Uninterruptible Power Supply and the explanation behind its name is that it provides a constant power supply without any conflict. During normal operation and during a power cut, it pulls current from the AC networks; it supplies current from its back-up source. UPS differ in design types and capacities, so it is hard to decide which one will match your needs. To aid you with this bad period, we present a thorough summary of the online Apollo Industrial Online UPS so that you can reflect on it. As this online UPS is a type of UPS that supplies power through the Rectifier and Inverter Pair to the Ac signal in daily work and uses an inverter to deliver AC power during a failure, the output power supply still remains on and no switching is performed. There is also no lag in the transition in time between its roots. There is no lag for even a nanosecond in the case of power failure.

·         True on-line dual conversion design

·         Generator Compatible

·         All Protections over/low-voltage, overcurrent, overload

·         Intelligent Battery Management, extended battery life

·         Intelligent Self diagnose function, all kinds of fault protection

·         Modularized design of subsystems

·         Bypass back feed protection, battery leakage protection

·         Parallel Redundancy design, increase the system reliability

·         Customizable wide input voltage range

·         Large size input LCD display on front panel



Capacity (VA/Watts)

60K / 48K



Nominal voltage

380/400/415Vac, (3Ph+N+PE)

Operating voltage range


Operating frequency range

40 ~ 70Hz

Power factor


Harmonic distortion (THD)

2%(100% nonlinear load)

Bypass voltage range

Max. Voltage: 220V +25% (optional +10%, +15%, +20%) 230V 20% (optional +10%, +15%)

240V 15% (optional +10%), Min voltage: -45% (optional -20%, -30%), Frequency protection rage: ±10%

Generator input




Output voltage

380/400/415Vac, (3Ph+N+PE)

Voltage regulation


Power factor

0.8/0.9 (Customized)

Output frequency

1.Line Mode: ±1%/±2%/±4%/±5%/±10% of the rated frequency (optional)

2.Battery Mode: (50/60±0.2%)Hz

Crest factor


Harmonic distortion (THDv)

≤2% with linear load

≤5% with nonlinear load





Battery voltage

Standard unit: ±216Vdc; Long run unit Optional voltage: ±192V\±204V\±216V\±228V\±240Vdc\±384Vdc

Charge Current (A)

(charge current can be set according to battery capacity installed)

18A (Max.)



Transfer time

Utility to Batter : 0ms; Utility to bypass: 0ms


Line Mode

Load ≤110%: last 60min, ≤125%: last 1min, ≥150% turn to bypass mode immediately

Bat. Mode

Load ≤110%: last 10min, ≤125%: last 1min, ≤150%: last 5S, ≥150% shut down UPS immediately

Short circuit

Hold Whole System


Line Mode: Switch to Bypass; Backup Mode: Shut down UPS immediately

Low battery voltage

Alarm and Switch off


Upon Power On and Software Control

EPO (optional)

Shut down UPS immediately


Advanced Battery Management

Nose Suppression

Complies with EN62040-2

Audible & Visual

Line Failure, Battery Low, Overload System Fault

Status LED & LCD display

Line Mode, Bypass Mode, Battery Low, Battery Bad, Overload & UPS Fault

Reading on the LCD display

Input Voltage, Input Frequency, Output Voltage, Output Frequency, Load Percentage, Battery Voltage & Inner Temperature

Communication interface

RS232, RS485, Parallel, Intelligent slot, Relay card (optional), SNMP card (optional)



Operating temperature


Storage temperature

-25 ~ 55°C

Humidity range

0 ~ 95%  (non ─ condensing)



Noise level




Dimension W x D x H (mm)

780 x 600 x 1200

Net weight (KG)





IEC/EN62040-1; IEC/EN60950-1


IEC/EN602040-2; IEC61000-4-2: IEC61000-4-3; IEC61000-4-4;

IEC61000-4-5; IEC61000-4-6; IEC 61000-4-8

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